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What is "Hands-Free Travel"?

"Hands-Free Travel" makes it possible to easily and safely travel around Japan for a more enjoyable stay without carrying around heavy suitcases and carry bags.
Services related to "Hands-Free Travel," such as our Luggage Delivery Service, which delivers your luggage to a specified location, and our Storage Service, which stores your luggage when unneeded, provide travelers from overseas with peace of mind and convenience. JAL ABC's counters at Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal, and Kansai International Airport are called "Hands-Free Travel" Counters.

JAL ABC's "Hands-Free" Travel Service

Delivery Service


Airport Luggage Delivery Service

This service allows you to send your luggage to the place you will be staying in Japan from Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal, or Kansai International Airport, and also allows you to send your luggage back to one of these airports. This also makes travelling by train, bus, or similar means less of a hassle since the need to carry around heavy luggage has been eliminated.


Hotel Luggage Delivery Service

Hotel Baggage Delivery Service

Luggage Delivery Service allows customers to send luggages from the airport to hotels (or vice versa) for delivery on the same day. Recommended for customers here for sightseeing or business.

Storage Service


Luggage Storage Service

Storage Service allows you to store luggage at the airport that you won't need during your trip. Since you can leave your luggage with us much longer than possible using a coin locker, it is convenient and will provide you with peace of mind during your trip.

Where are your services offered?

JALABC “Hands-Free Travel Counter”

  • Airport Luggage Delivery Service
  • Hotel Luggage Delivery Service
  • Luggage Storage Service