Policy on Handling Personal Information

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1. Protection and Management of Personal Information

JAL ABC. Inc. (hereinafter called "this Company") recognizes the importance of the customer information provided by our customers and handles this information with the greatest of respect and the strictest of confidentiality.

2. Intended Purpose of Personal Information

This Company reserves the right to use any personal information (name, address, telephone number and other information of customer) that has been provided by our customers either by telephone, internet, or over the counter when applying for one of our services including parcel delivery service and cellular phone rental service, or any other personal information that this Company has properly obtained when a customer has applied for one of this Company's services. Also, this Company reserves the right to use this personal information to provide after-sales service or to provide information regarding new services to our customers.

3. Provision of Personal Information for the Third Parties

This Company shall not disclose any personal information to any third party unless there has been consent from our customer or there is reasonable question such as a legal request.

4. Request for the Disclose of Personal Information

This Company shall promptly respond to the reasonable request for the disclosure or correction of any customer information that this Company possesses only in cases in where the request is made by the customer himself/herself or a legal proxy.
Please refer to the "Request Form for Personal Information Disclosure" for procedures on the disclosure of personal information.

For more information please contact:
JAL ABC. Inc. Planning Operation Department
  (9:30-12:00 13:00-17:00 Monday though Friday, except for national holidays)