Airport Luggage Delivery Service

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Airport Baggage Delivery Service

More easy and convenient travel "Hands-Free"

Send your luggage after arriving in Japan

Delivery Service for hassle-free travel

Imagine what it would be like to first send off your luggage and then enjoy sightseeing, restaurants, and shopping directly from the airport. This service allows you to easily go directly to sightseeing destinations since you will not have to stop by your hotel to drop off your luggage.

Send your luggage to the airport

Send unneeded luggage to the airport for hands-free travel to the very end

Sending luggage that you will not need during your trip to the airport in advance of your departure date will also allow you to enjoy the final day of your stay as well since you won't have to carry it around. Simply pick up your luggage at the airport which you will be departing from.

Merits of using Delivery Service


Specify a time

Select delivery and pick up times using two to three hour time frames which makes the service more convenient.

Delivery to any address in  Japan

You can send your luggage to any location in Japan, which makes it more convenient to visit various places during your trip!

Large and heavy luggage  allowed

One piece of luggage may have a maximum total size (the sum of its height, width, and depth) of 240 cm and weight of 50 kg or less. Please note that the size and weight limits for one piece of luggage at Kansai International Airport are 160 cm (the sum of its height, width, and depth) and 30 kg.

Recommended for customers!

travelling with many large and heavy luggages

You can specify a time

travelling with small children

Luggage can be delivered to any address in Japan

get right to sightseeing soon after arriving in Japan

Large and heavy luggage allowed

Directly travel to popular areas much more easily.

Delivery times from airports to nearby popular locations

Check luggage delivery methods