Luggage Storage Service

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Baggage Storage Service

JAL ABC will store any luggage that you won't be needing during your stay in Japan at one of our counters until you return to head home. You can only store your luggage in a coin locker for a maximum of two to three days, but our Storage Service allows you to store luggage for weeks.

How to Use

STEP1Fill in form and leave luggage at ABC counter

Please bring your luggage directly to the JAL ABC counter to make your request to use our Storage Service. You will be asked for your name, telephone number, and pick up date. Payment is made at time of pickup. Please be careful not to lose your copy of the receipt you are given as you will need it when you pick up your luggage.

Various types of carton box are available.
For further particulars, please apply to counter staff.     *Please note that if the storage space is insufficient,  we may refuse to store your luggage.

STEP2Pick up your luggage at ABC counter.

Go to the same counter where you dropped off your luggage and please show your receipt to our counter staff.
You can pay by credit card or with cash(JPY).

Storage Charges

Service fees differ according to airport. In addition, luggage storage times are calculated by calendar day (not by hours).

Narita International Airport

Size Large Medium Small
charge(/day) ¥950 ¥600 ¥400

Haneda Airport (Terminal3)

Size Large Medium Small
charge(/day) ¥1,000 ¥600 ¥400

Kansai International Airport

Size Large Medium Small
charge(/day) ¥1,200 ¥750 ¥500

Chubu Centrair International Airport

Size Large Medium Small
charge(/day) ¥950 ¥600 ¥400

Baggage size information

Large size

Ski ・Snowboards(single set) etc

Ski ・Snowboards(single set) etc

Midium size

Suitcases, Golf bags, etc

Suitcases, Golf bags, etc

Small size

A4 size envelope etc

Carton Box

We sell 4 types of carton box.
Each size and price are as follows.

JALABC Delivery Counters
●Narita International Airport
●Haneda Airport(terminal3)
●Chubu Centrair
●Kansai International Airtport

  Size(mm) Price
398×218×177 310JPY
448×290×266 410JPY
548×318×327 460JPY
648×413×411 590JPY

Editorial supervision of the Japan Airlines "FRAGILE CONTAINER"

We developed exclusive original carton box for the purpose of the protection of the flight luggage with Japan Airlines. The fragile container has handles on both sides which is easy for carring.
(For breakable articles or high class bags etc.)

Price 3,300JPY
JALABC Delivery Counters (Departure Lobby)
●Haneda Airport(terminal3)
●Chubu Centrair
●Kansai International Airtport

Luggage Wrapping Service

This service allows you to wrap your luggage to protect water, scratches and theft etc.
※ Service charges at the Haneda Airport counter will be changed as of September 5, 2022.(Medeium:1,500JPY、Large:2,500JPY)

Narita Airport Terminal2
Medium*1 1,500JPY
Large*2 2,500JPY


Haneda Airport Terminal3
Medium*1 1,000JPY
Large*2 2,000JPY

(1pirce/tax included)

*1 Medium size: The Three dimensions of the luggage are within 160 cm
*2 Large size: The Three dimensions of the luggage are within 240 cm
  (The maximum length of one side is within 200 cm.)

■Service Counter

Narita International Airport

JALABC Departure Counter at Departure floor (3F)
Business Hours: 7:00a.m.~9:00p.m.
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Payment Methods

You can choose one of the following payment methods. Please make your payment at time of pick up.

  • Cash(JPY)


  • Credit Card

    Credit Card

Credit cards that are accepted

  • JCB
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • AmericanExpress
  • DinersClub
  • UnionPay

Counter Map



How many days can I store my luggage with JAL ABC?


We can store your luggage for a maximum of 30 days. If you wish to extend this period, please call the telephone number listed on your receipt and make a request for a time extension.


Can I pick up my baggage at a different JAL ABC counter?


You must pick up your luggage at the same counter that you dropped them off at.


Is the service fee calculated by hour?


The service fee is calculated by the number of days that we stored your baggage. This includes the drop off date and pick up date.