Temporary Property Storage Agreement

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This Agreement is on public display at the offices of the Company.

2. Things You Cannot Leave with Us

(1) Cash and valuables (securities, precious metals, important documents and design drawings etc. of a value exceeding ¥300,000, and any article the user of the custody service considers to be precious).
(2) Cadavers
(3) Animals
(4) Dangerous articles such as volatile or explosive things
(5) Guns, swords/knives, or anything that raises concerns of being used to commit a crime
(6) Anything that emits a bad odor or that decays easily
(7) Filthy or dirty articles or anything that could damage or contaminate the place of storage (storehouse)
(8) Any article which it is prohibited by law to possess or carry
(9) Any thing that we decide is inappropriate to leave with us

3. Usage Fees(/day)

Narita Airport Haneda Terminal3 Kansai Airport Chubu Airport
Large ¥850 ¥1,000 ¥1,050 ¥850
Midium ¥530 ¥600 ¥640 ¥530
Small ¥320 ¥400 ¥370 ¥320

※Size infomation (Size dimensions : the sum of its height, width, and depth)
【L】Bicycle, surfboards etc.(up to size 300cm)  【M】Suitcase(up to size 200cm)  【S】less than an A4 envelope

4. Storage Method

Articles are stored in the state they were in when first received.

5. Changes to duration of storage

You may store your articles longer or collect them earlier, as you wish.

6. What happens if there is no defined storage period and I fail to collect my property?

(1) If you don't tell us you want to extend your storage period, storage will be extended up to a maximum of 30 days.
(2) If you leave your property with us beyond the initial storage period, we will recalculate the charges as it happens; you will be charged for the storage fee and other expenses will be added.

7. Our Liability

The Company is responsible for compensating you for any damage to, including loss or destruction of, your property while it is stored with us, unless the Company can demonstrate that there was no malice or negligence on the part of the Company or our employees.

8.Our Liability in the Case of an Accident

The Company accepts no liability for any loss or destruction of an article stored with us when caused by:
(1) A force majeure such as a natural calamity etc.;
(2) A request from a competent governing authority in due exercise of its legal right requiring that a stored article be seized or taken to be submitted as evidence;
(3) Loss or theft of your deposit ticket;
(4) Any other case where responsibility is not attributable to the Company.

9. Limit of Compensation Payable by the Company When the Company is Responsible

In the case that a stored article is completely destroyed, the maximum amount of compensation payable will be either the declared value or ¥300,000 per item whichever is lower, {assessed at current market value}.

10. Liability of the Customer to Compensate the Company

If the Company sustains loss due to a malicious or negligent act by the customer or due to the customer failing to comply with the provisions in this Agreement, the Company may seek compensation from the customer for the amount of that loss.

Amended on Revision of August, 2020 JAL ABC, Inc.